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JB January 27, 2005 15:59

GAMBIT default parameters??
Hi folks,

Here is my problem : I'd like to know how Gambit does decide the default direction of an edge!!.... I'm (still) working on parametric modelling. Until now I managed doing everything I had to do with the geometry of the model, but now I'm stucked with the meshing part of the job! as an exemple : there's a lot of 'kind of' repetitive patterns in my 3d model, but when I select (using the GUI) a set of edges that have 'kind of' geometrical common points (such as length and orientation) , some of these edges does not have the same orientation! I thought this orientation was ruled by the Id. of the endpoints (for exemple : an edge connecting "vertex.1" to "vertex.2" should be oriented from "v.1" to "v.2", if you see what I mean)

I really need to know how to predict the orientation of an edge, so that I can apply the appropriate meshing to it.

Thank you in advance for your help, I know you guys usually have a bunch of good ideas ;)

Chris Bailey January 27, 2005 17:01

Re: GAMBIT default parameters??
I always thought the direction of the edge came from the order you specified its vertices, which I think you say above, and when I just tried it, it seems to be true.

The order that matters is the order you name the vertices when you create the edge.

The order you create the vertices does not matter.

At least, that's what I am finding in a few simple tries. You're getting something different? Is there anything special or odd about the way you're doing it???

JB January 27, 2005 18:32

Re: GAMBIT default parameters??
awww.... I see what you mean Chris. Actually I have no way to control how the edges of my model are created (I don't tink so). here are the main steps of my work: 1.importing a catia model. 2.spliting the volumes of the model in such a way so that I can mesh it easily.

any idea?

JB January 28, 2005 09:50

Re: GAMBIT default parameters??
Ok dudes: I finally got the trick to get the sense of an edge. The following function returns an array with the coord. of a vector tangent to the edge:


it is then easy to compare the sense of 2 parallel edges by comparing the sign of the coord. of the tangent vectors!

I hope this will help some of you... thx for your help, and see you next time!


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