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Randheer Yadav January 28, 2005 06:19

meshing a rushton turbine
Hi, I am doing CFD of stirred tank equipped with rushton turbine. I created the tank geometry in gambit. For the impeller I created disc, 6 plate type blades, hub and shaft and united all these volumes to make a single volume. Now I am facing problem in meshing this impeller. I am thinking to virtually split the united volumes and mesh the individual volume. But in reality these volumes are united and the question in my mind is if I mesh them individually with virual split then what will be the situation at the junction of the two boundary. Will the nodes of the two volumes which are split virtually but united in reality, associate with each other. if not then please suggest me any other suitable method. waiting for reply,

Jason January 28, 2005 15:50

Re: meshing a rushton turbine
When you split the geometry make sure the "connected" option is turned on. In this case, there is only one wall shared between the two volumes (one on each side of the wall). Since there is only one wall, both volume meshes will share the surface mesh used on that wall. If you turn off the "connected" option, or disconnect the face (which you would have to actually do, it's not something that can accidentally happen), then there will be two walls sharing the same exact space, one for each volume... in this case the volumes aren't sharing a common face, so they won't share the face mesh either.

Hope this helps, and goodluck Jason

NARENDRA January 31, 2005 04:05

Re: modeling rushton turbine using Gambit
i wanted to model the turbine model, but finding diffcult to model it in gambit please do send me modeling procedure of turbomachine

Randheer Yadav February 1, 2005 04:30

Re: meshing a rushton turbine
Hi Jason, I tried the same thing using subtract command with retin option selected for the second volume. I meshed both the volumes using tetrahedral grids and have given the run. Let me see what the result comes. Actually I am doing CFD of stirred tank. This requires me to devide the total volume into two regions. One surrounding the impeller and the other between the impeller and tank. Currently I am doing MRF. Can u suggest me some points for using Sliding mesh technique in fluent. Please do write the relevant differences between MRF and SM when implementing them in fluent. bye

arashshahin February 14, 2005 16:32

Re: modeling rushton turbine using Gambit
you must first model that in auto cad and then send it to gambit

jawidnaik September 24, 2010 03:12

Geometry of rushton turbine in Gambit
Hi Randheer Yadavi, I am also doing CFD of stirred tank equipped with rushton turbine. I am new to Fluent and Gambit. I want to make the geometry of tank and Rushton Turbine in Gambit. would you please suggest me how to approach this problem.


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