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Shuto February 6, 2005 15:07

Quad Meshing Hollow Faces in Gambit
Hi all,

I am trying to quad mesh a 'hollow' face - a rectangular face with a rectangular hole in it - using Gambit.

All my edges are connected, the inner corners are set to Corner and the outer ones set to Edge. I can't get Gambit to produce nice square cells with right angles between cell faces. I am using submap as map defaults to submap anyway.

How can I get square cells?

Thanks, Shuto.

Tarnz February 6, 2005 18:21

Re: Quad Meshing Hollow Faces in Gambit
Use Size Function (i.e. fixed size fct, the edges of the hollow as sources, the whole face as attachment, growth rate=1) and then mesh afterwards. Hope this works.

Shuto February 7, 2005 09:57

Re: Quad Meshing Hollow Faces in Gambit
Thanks Tarnz,

I gave it a shot but it comes out the same. Fluent think it's a bug and have recommended splitting the face so there are no hollow bits. It works but slows things down considerably.

Can anyone think of another way around this?

Cheers, Shuto.

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