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Riaan February 7, 2005 17:31

Forces and Plane of Symmetry
Hello everyone,

I have a question as to the force reports of Fluent when I use the plane of symmetry.

I have a wing, which is cut along its centerline by a plane of symmetry.

When I do a force report, will Fluent give me the force over the whole wing (ie. both sides), or only the half I have in the flowfield?

Riaan February 7, 2005 17:35

Re: Forces and Plane of Symmetry
Sorry, I did a search on the forums and found that it will only report the force on half the body.

Can I get someone to verify this ?

Jason February 7, 2005 19:20

Re: Forces and Plane of Symmetry
That's correct, FLUENT only gives you the forces of what is present in the mesh(so only half the model when using symmetry BC). It's typical to deal with coefficients from the force report. If you use half of the reference area, this will give you the correct coefficients. (Coefficient = Force/(.5*Q*Aref), so since Fluent is reporting half of the force, using half of the area as your Aref gives you the full model coefficient).

Hope this helps, and goodluck, Jason

Charles February 8, 2005 06:02

Re: Forces and Plane of Symmetry
Riaan, as you guessed, it will be half body forces only, so make sure that you use half reference areas if you want coefficients. Just a word of warning (although it's probably not relevant for your problem), if you need lateral forces on a half body, you have to make sure that you use relative pressures, not absolute ....

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