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Hannah February 9, 2005 05:26

Compiling UDFs under Windows XP
We are trying to compile a UDF under Windows XP.

1) Does FLUENT have by default a compiler along with the installation package for Windows? (because I found it in Fluent6.22/ntbin/nt86/cpp.exe and cc.exe) If so what are the detailed steps to compile the udf? I've tried and got the error, nmake: command unknown If not, I've got compiler, MinGW but how do I make it compile the FLUENT UDFs

2) What are the environment variables to set for a compiler to be used with fluent?

Thank you for your help, Hannah

Shuto February 9, 2005 07:05

Re: Compiling UDFs under Windows XP
Hi Hannah,

UDF's are written in C++, so you need to have a separate compiler such as MS Visual C++ 6.0 installed.

There might be another way but that's what Fluent recommended to me. If you ask the support desk they will clarify exactly what you need.

Hope this helps, Shuto.

Swarup February 10, 2005 12:12

Re: Compiling UDFs under Windows XP
i have been using interpreted UDFs. i just put them in "src" folder where all UDFs are kept. next step is to access them from within GUI using UDFs---> Interpreted/Compiled path. Swarup.

ap February 13, 2005 09:16

Re: Compiling UDFs under Windows XP
1) FLUENT can manage two kinds of UDF: interpreted and compiled.

The cpp.exe you found is the internal compiler of FLUENT used with interpreted UDF.

If you need or want to use a compiled UDF under Windows, you need Microsoft Visual C++, because you need to compile the C source code of your UDF.

2) You just have to set the environment variables of the compiler (it will ask you during the setup) and the usual FLUENT environment variables (There is a tool in the FLUENT.INC group in the start menu).

Regards, ap

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