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toni February 9, 2005 11:01

Open old files in a new Gambit version
I downloaded the new 2.2.30 Gambit version. I have now some problems when I want to open files from the version 2.1.6.

I can't open the old .dbs files, the old .jou files open but with some modifications.

Is there any tricks ??

Thanks for your answers!


Jason February 9, 2005 15:56

Re: Open old files in a new Gambit version
Really? If you don't mind me asking, what kind of problems are you running into and what are the mods you make to open? I only ask because I have several old setups, and I can try to pick one that has similar geometry and see if I get the same error. Up to now I haven't heard of any incompatibilities (but it seems that a lot of people on this site avoid Gambit at all costs, so you, me and a handful of others on here might be the only ones trouble-shooting this for Fluent!).

Thanks, Jason

toni February 10, 2005 11:31

Answer for Jason
Hello Jason,

I have 2 CD with Fluent and Gambit datae, and I wanted to check the version 2.2.30 with them. But all the gambit files on both CD have problems when I open them with old and new version. So in fact, it's not a problem with Gambit but a problem with the CD,is'n it? (the Fluent files have no problems!?!)



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