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sarah_ron February 14, 2005 01:31

Problems with changing turbulent viscosity by UDF
Problem setting C_MU_T with DEFINE_ADJUST


i´m trying to change turbulent viscosity (for an extension of the ke-model; DEFINE_TURBULENT_VISCOSITY is not accessible in Eulerian multiphase) in the Eulerian model using UDF. I'm using a DEFINE_ADJUST , but I get an error message when I compile my code.

The compiler tells me: error C2106: '=' :left operand must be l-value

DEFINE_ADJUST(turb_adjust, d) { Thread *t; cell_t c;

thread_loop_c (t,d)




begin_c_loop_all (c,t)


C_MU_T(c,t) = 1; /*C_MU_L works!*/


end_c_loop_all (c,t)


} }

Same error occurs for C_MU_EFF. But if i use the C_MU_L no problem (or C_R(c,t))! So where´s the problem with the eddy viscosity?

I hope someone can help me out off this! Thanks.


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