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zhou February 15, 2005 14:22

multiphase flow in porous media
I am trying to model liquid-gas flow in solid porous media by applying multiphase model (Eulerian model) in Fluent. Either gas or liquid could be primary phase. I got three questions. (1). When i define the secondary phase, i find i have to specify the diameter. However, either gas or liquid is not existed as bubbles or droplets in porous media. It is like a mixture of them. By the way, if i use mixture model, it has the same problem that i have to specify diameter. This problem is not existed in VOF model. I defintely do not want to specify diameter like VOF model does. So How do i solve this problem in Eulerian model? (2). Is Volume fraction solved as a variable in Eulerian model? If it is, which equation is used to solve this variable? (3). If gas and liquid occupy simliar volume fraction in porous media, which one should be defined as primary phase?


Amir February 18, 2005 12:19

Re: multiphase flow in porous media
Hi I was really interested in seeing if someone respond your question or not as I am kinda working on the same issue but apparently noone did. though mine is VOF in porous media as I am interested in tracking the front face. let me know please if you find out more about your problem :)


reynolds039 August 9, 2012 07:10

i am working on the same problem , i thik that if we are interresting on the front of the interface we must use VOF, in the eulerian model the particules are in movement , and because of that we should define the diameter of the grain

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