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Z February 16, 2005 04:34

I have problem of UDF with turbulent premx source.
Hi, I want to know if somebosy has used this UDF before. Since I have problems in activating this in my new simulation. The UDF is provided in website.

/************************************************** *****************/ /* UDF that specifies a custom turbulent flame speed and source */ /* for the premixed combustion model */ /************************************************** *****************/

#include "udf.h" #include "sg_pdf.h" /* not included in udf.h so must include here */

DEFINE_TURB_PREMIX_SOURCE(turb_flame_src, c, t, turb_flame_speed, source) { real up = TRB_VEL_SCAL(c,t); real ut, ul, grad_c, rho_u, DV[ND_ND];

ul = Ul_par_premix(C_FMEAN(c,t)); rho_u = rho_par_premix(C_FMEAN(c,t));




grad_c = sqrt( NV_DOT(DV, DV) );


ut = ul*sqrt( 1. + SQR(up/ul) );

*turb_flame_speed = ut; *source = rho_u*ut*grad_c; }

Activating a Turbulent Premixed Source UDF in FLUENT

Once you have compiled and linked the source code for a custom turbulent premixed source UDF, you can activate it in the User-Defined Function Hooks panel in FLUENT. See Section 8.2.5 for more details.

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