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Domi February 16, 2005 06:25

MRFsimulation stirred tank reactor
I have calculated the flow field in a baffled stirred tank reactor using the Moving Reference Frame method. Now I would like to use this frozen flowfield to conduct simulations of tracer experiments. I release a tracer (defined through a UDS) in the absolute reference frame of the baffle region but when it enters the rotating reference frame of the impeller region, it is entrained in the azimuthal direction contrary to the direction of rotation of the impeller. This is NOT what happens in reality. Can anyone tell me what I should do to get it right?

Randheer Yadav February 22, 2005 03:44

Re: MRFsimulation stirred tank reactor
my friend I too am trying to get the flow field in a stirred tank using MRF. But I am facing problem in specifying the boundary conditions. Would u please mail me ur boundary conditions and the zones to which they have been supplied.

Domi February 22, 2005 16:06

Re: MRFsimulation stirred tank reactor
In the stationary domain: top, bottom, jacket, baffles = stationary wall. In the rotating domain: impeller = stationary wall; top, bottom = moving wall with rotational velocity same but contrary to rotational velocity of reference frame. The surface between stationary and rotating domain = interior. Good Luck

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