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JB February 16, 2005 08:57

GAMBIT - Cooper Scheme

I'm stucked w/ a meshing problem while using a cooper scheme. I get this error message : Assertion failed in BarrelCapStack. cc, line 57: NULL != next_cap while meshing volume.17.

Here is the description of my geometry: I have a 1 single volume that COULD be disretized in 3 volumes : the central one would be a regular hexahedron ; the two exterior ones would be two twisted hexahedra. total : 14 faces (6 source faces for the cooper scheme)

any idea why the cooper scheme does not work fine here?

Cheers, JB

samir February 16, 2005 22:01

Re: GAMBIT - Cooper Scheme
A cooper scheme fails only if a geometry converges to a pipe. why exactly do u want a cooper; A mapped hex could replace a cooper. But it all depends on what your lookin for!

JB February 17, 2005 05:22

Re: GAMBIT - Cooper Scheme
I think I just Cannot avoid a cooper : I have no choice but meshing several source faces of my volume w/ a Tri-pave scheme. But what do you mean by "A cooper scheme fails only if a geometry converges to a pipe" ? I'm sorry, my english is not perfect at all. Anyway, If someone got a similar problem, I found a trick to avoid the pb: just split the initial complicated volume into several simple ones. That way I don't get error messages anymore.


Samir February 17, 2005 09:31

Re: GAMBIT - Cooper Scheme

Samir February 17, 2005 09:32

Re: GAMBIT - Cooper Scheme
Yes, I did have a similar problem and someone did say: Split and win. But , I had certain restrictions on splitting the volume. So, I said see what your lookin for and then make an optimum choice. Regards Samir.

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