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Rain February 16, 2005 18:57

v2f model turn on??
How to turn on V2F TURBULENCE MODEL in fluent?

zxaar February 16, 2005 20:32

Re: v2f model turn on??
i think


on TUI shall work

Rain February 16, 2005 22:49

Re: v2f model turn on??
Thanks. But the solution is not converging. The z velocity and f is not converging. How can I control them.


zxaar February 16, 2005 22:55

Re: v2f model turn on??
i never used this model sorry i can't comment on this issue

yuvaraj saravanan February 17, 2005 02:20

Re: v2f model turn on??
Hi, Try running the solution initially using some ke model for flow field. define a custom field function(cff) v2 as (2/3)k where k is turbulent kinetic energy. Then turn to v2f model. Then patch a value for the velocity variance scale in all fluid zones using the cff that u created before.

Make sure velocity variance scale and elliptic relaxation function has the same discretization scheme as k and epsilon.

let me know whether it works Yuvaraj

Rain February 17, 2005 02:29

Re: v2f model turn on??
I am getting the solution converged but then i have TURBULENT VISCOSITY RATIO limited of 1.00+e5 in xxxxxx cells is coming. But then my case is high reynold number(15000) so should i just increase the limit or I should use the ADAPT/gradient/turbulent viscosity ratio to refine all the cells out of the limit(1+e5).

Jason February 17, 2005 07:58

Re: v2f model turn on??
I would refine... TVR of 1E05 is the same as quick drying cement.


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