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Eduardo Mendoza February 17, 2005 09:15

Basic mutli component question
Hello everybody,

I am used to calculating single gaz flow but when it comes to multi-species, I am utterly neophyte.

I've been reading FLUENT manual and have some questions after that.

First, my problem, I have 2 entries, one MASS FLOW INLET of air, another MASS FLOW INLET of water vapour and a PRESSURE OUTLET.

My problems are the following :

- What should I enter in the field : Define>Models>Species>Mixture Template, knowing that I imported water vapour and air from the database? - How do I do to select water vapour and air for my 2 boundary conditions, knowing that Fluent asks me to chose between O2 and H2O only when trying to specificate the boundary condition? - What should I select as an option knwoing that I don't want any chemical reaction and would only like to simulate the exchanging of heat between the 2 gas?

Thank you in advance for answering, even partially, my questions.


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