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ocy February 18, 2005 02:37

solid heat source
Hi all,

I am doing heat transfer through a channel. The channel is a 2D rectangle. The air flows in from the bottom, and flow out at the top.

As the air flows in, it is being heated by a solid heat source.

In my modeling, i marked out a small square (which has the same width as the rectangle) at the bottom to simulate as heat source.

However, ONLY my solid face zone shows temp variation, the remaining fluid face zone shows a constant ambient temperature.

Does anyone know why isn't my fluid being heated? Is there anything that i did wrong?

Thanks in advance to anyone who reply.

Evan Rosenbaum February 18, 2005 13:11

Re: solid heat source
The heated zone and the unheated zones must share common faces where they meet. Make sure you merge coincident edges before exporting your mesh. This can cause the effect you describe.

ocy February 21, 2005 06:16

Re: solid heat source
Hi Evan,

My heat source is a small square measuring 0.4m x 1m at the base of my chimney which is 1m x 50m.

How can I let them share a common face? I tried to merge faces, but error message suggested that the two faces are not connected.

Pls help. Thanks.

Bikash February 22, 2005 23:58

Re: solid heat source
i guess u got to merge the edge not the face cause its 2D.

if your heat source, the small square is within the chimney then u got to merge the edge.i guess they are sharing the common edge right?

if u still have problems then first draw lines in gambit, then create face using wireframe model.

hope i understood your problem right.

take care.

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