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Chris Bailey February 18, 2005 14:17

Gambit batch - kill "Startup" box how?
I am running Gambit in batch mode from another program by passing a command line argument to the OS (Windows). I instruct Gambit to read a journal file, which ends with "abort force" to exit Gambit. It works, but after Gambit closes the "Gambit Startup" box is still there, waiting for me to click on "Close". Therefore the other program is still waiting for the command to finish executing, and there they sit forever. I can't tell the other program to click on the little "Close" button every time it comes up (can I?). How do I get Gambit to make its closure complete by taking the Startup box with it as it closes?

An Modh Coinniolach February 19, 2005 13:11

Re: Gambit batch - kill "Startup" box how?
I had a problem like this. I eventually wrote a program to kill the Gambit process if Fluent had not been started after a reasonable amount of time.

Chris Bailey February 23, 2005 10:05

The fix - critical patch 1
I found out this is a problem with Gambit, and it's fixed by downloading and applying "critical patch 1" from the Fluent site. Seems to work fine now.

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