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Andrea February 20, 2005 08:49

BIG TROUBLE with heat exchanger and porous media!!
Hallo, I have a big problem using together "heat exchanger" and "porous media" models with Fluent 6.1.22. Once I set the thermodynamics parameters in the "heat exchanger" panel, I have to set up the pressure drop in its fluid zone as well. And of course that fluid zone must be at the same time "porous media". Reading the UserGuide (chap. 6.25 pag 163) I found that Fluent can automatically calculate the porous media inputs from the heat exchanger model settings, just entering the following command in the console window:

(set! auto-set-porous? #t)

The problem is that when I enter that command, I only get the answer:


without any changes in the porous media parameters. I even tried to write simply:

set! auto-set-porous? #t

but that's the answer:

invalid command [set!]

So, what can I do? What #t stands for? I even red the Fluent "text command list" but…nothing! Have you got any suggestion? Thanks a lot! Andrea

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