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hermann February 22, 2005 10:12

Problems with Boundary Profile
Dear fellow Fluent users,

I am simulating the air flow and temperature in a room. Due to memory restrictions I simulated a small zone (box) around the air ducts in a seperate modell with the boundaries as pressure outlets. From this modell I wrote the x,y and z velocities, the temperature, turb. kin. energy and dissipation rate in a Profile file.

However after importing the profile into the model of the whole room there are significant variations in the velocity vectors and minor variations in the mass fluxes.

To be more specific, the velo magnitude an the edges of the box are about 1.3 m/s, the corresponding value of the boundary profile in the room model is about 0.4 m/s!! (the mesh of the small box is 4 times finer then the mesh of the room, so there will be some interpolation error).

I searched the forum for similar problems but couldn't find a solution. Any advice would be greatly appreciated..


K.D. Hermann

reda gad March 2, 2005 13:00

Re: Problems with Boundary Profile
i would ask you a question What is the boundary condition at the inlet of the room? i think that you have to use veloity inlet bc. and use profiles of flow direction cosines (ni , nj, and nk) in addition to your profiles to specify flow direction at inlet of room.

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