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Manoj Kumar February 26, 2005 17:22

Modelling flow around a ship's hull using vof
Hello friends

I am modelling flow around a ship's hull using vof, steady-state with the implicit interpolation scheme. My aim is to study tank wall effect.

I am using inlet n outflow boundary condition at the two ends of the towingtank. Please visit to know more about my problem modelling.

Initially after around 150 iterations, I got some nice pattern in the disturbance of water near the ship model. But as iteration continues the whole domain gets flooded with water(volume fraction of water increases to one ) in the forward region of the towing tank .

Can anyone suggest me any modification or better model of the problem and the scheme to solve it. I have tried Geometric Reconstruction scheme too. But the residuals diverge most of the time. Moreover thats for unsteady formulation.

Currently I am using tetrahedral unstructured meshing scheme to mesh the domain. Is it fine for vof method? Or should I use structured meshing. If so could anyone suggest me any site or reference for structured meshing for complex geometry (other then gambit tutorials).

Thanking you.


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