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Gregor March 1, 2005 06:02

VOF with tetra mesh doesn't converge
Hi I try to use the VOF methed of Fluent with a tetra volume mesh. The skewness is below 0.6 and the aspect ratio under 3. I did a calculation with the default settings for the VOF model but the calculation didn't converge. I used a very small time step (1e-9). I did also a calculation with a structed mesh (a simplified geometrie). With this file the calculation converge very good. Time step was there 0.001. Are there any other restictions with fluent and tetra meshes. Thanks for any advice


Manoj Kumar March 1, 2005 14:09

Re: VOF with tetra mesh doesn't converge
hi Gregor

Default settings wouldn't let to convergence. Read fluent tutorials on VOF and then modify ur inputs accordingly. There are 3 vof schemes applicable to unstructured mesh. They are implicit, explicit and geo-reconstruction. Find out which one is suitable for ur problem from tutorials. And then depending on ur problem, choose steady/unsteady formulation. For geo-reconstruction, unsteady scheme is a must. For pressure and pressure-velocity coupling descritization ( solve\controls\solution ) choose body force weighted and PISO scheme respectively. u also got to enter turbulence parameters correctly, in case u are using velocity/pressure inlet.

Try these.


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