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BELMILOUD March 8, 2005 16:41

Periodic B.Condition
Hi Everyone ! how are you doing ? hope well. Iam trying to simulate the through compressor blade (in 2D), Using Gambit, I created the mesh around the blade, and when I tried to export to Fluent, it showed me that there is error in Periodic Condition, so , iam asking if there is anyone can help me to solve this problem. thanks in advance

mateus March 9, 2005 02:55

Re: Periodic B.Condition

For the periodic bc. you have to link the edges (in 3d the faces) before you mesh them. The mesh has to be exactly the same on both sides if you want to use periodic bc


Mark March 9, 2005 04:54

Re: Periodic B.Condition
Try setting the periodic boundaries as two separate bc's, such as two symmetry bc's, in Gambit and then forming the periodic bc in fluent using the text interface as below.


Before forming the periodic bc check that the fluid zone's origin and axis are defined correctly under the boundary conditions panel.

If this does not work, I'll need more info on the error message you're receiving from fluent.

Hope this helps,


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