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Riaan March 9, 2005 16:13

Delta wing Pitching moment
Hi everyone,

I am currently studying the Pitching moment of a 70deg delta wing at low alpha (<15) and low Mach numbers (M < 0.15).

From literature, my Cl and Cd values predict relatively close (10%) to experimental values - but my Cm data (pitching moment) is far out.

I understand that the pressure distribution on the leeward side of the delta wing is going to have a large impact on the Cm value - so if your vortex spanwise location is off - your Cm value will be off as well.

Has anyone working in this field - or could point me in the correct direction or suggest sources for experimental data?

Thanks Riaan

Riaan March 15, 2005 02:07

Re: Delta wing Pitching moment
For reference for anyone else looking for info:

Experimental work done by W.H.Wentz at University of Kansas and Wichita State is a good source of subsonic cl,cd and cm data for delta,arrow and diamond wings.

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