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manish March 10, 2005 11:54

Best Turbulence Model
What is the best turbulence model for a high mach flow jet? any references that you could give would be beneficial.

According to N.Menon, I have run both the SA and standard k-omega models, but my results are off by a small amount. I was wondering if there are any references that can guide me for which model is more accurate. I have looked at the FLUENT manual. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon. -manish

Melaku Habte March 10, 2005 19:15

Re: Best Turbulence Model

High Mach no.... how high? are we talkin super, transonic, or hypersonic? I said this because the the "form" of the governing equations that "dominate" the various regions of the flow vary. For example as you know flows just after shock waves are elliptic while just before it we have hyperbolic. So this could affect the choice of the model. I haven't came across with anything in the Manual on that, but there is a pretty good inclusion in the k-e model to account for compressibility pp.10.4.6 - you have to activate ideal gas model tho. So I would say k-epsilon is again agreat choice. Others can comment on this.


Melaku Habte

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