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Srivatsan V. Rajagopalan March 13, 2005 00:12

Combustion Modelling
Hi Namasthe! I am new to this group. I am a student from canada. I work in fluent on a particular problem in which I face a difficulty. I hope any one from here will be able to help me.Here is the problem in which I work..

This is basically a combustion invloving species transport. This is a simulation of flow thru's a High Velocity Oxygen fuel (HVOF) process. We have a HVOF nozzle in which the coating particle is mixed with Nitrogen gas and fed in to the nozle by one port. In a another port propylene and air(Fuel) is fed. Combustion of propylene occurs and this accelerate the particle fed in another port to supersoni velocity at the nozle exit. To prevent over heating, nitrogen is fed as coolent in anotehr port.

In this problem, we consider 4 steps of chemical reactions, whose enthalpy of formation is very important. But selecting a species transport combustion modelling, I dont know where to enter the Enthalpy of each reaction.

If some one can tell me where I can enter the enthalpy of reaction, I will be happy. Also if the U think that the model I use is not correct, then pls suggest me an alternate one.


cfdfans March 13, 2005 02:47

Re: Combustion Modelling
In menu Define->materials

in "Material type" you choose "fluid"

then in "properties" you can get enthalpy

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