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Ashton Peters March 13, 2005 22:46

Mesh hard points on faces
I am trying to create a 3D model (let's say it's a cylinder), meshed with simple tets (i.e. triangles on the faces).

I want to be able to specify that there will be a nodal point at a specific location on the surface of the cylinder. Is there a way to somehow 'merge' a vertex into a face so that Gambit will put a node at a specific, user-defined location?

I know I can move the nodes on a face after it has been meshed, but if I have several (possibly hundreds of) points on the face that I want to be aligned with nodes it would be far too tedious to move them all individually.

This would seem to me to be a basic functionality of meshing software, but I can't seem to find how to do it in Gambit.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Ashton Peters Centre for Bioeingineering University of Canterbury Christchurch, NZ

Luca March 14, 2005 05:27

Re: Mesh hard points on faces
if you split your boundary where you want a node to be created, then when you mesh you'll ha a node rigth there...Luca

Ashton Peters March 14, 2005 16:30

Re: Mesh hard points on faces
Thanks for the reply. I don't quite understand what you mean though. I don't want a node at a specific location along an edge, I want a node at a specific location somewhere on a face (i.e. not along any existing edge).

If this is possible by "splitting the boundary", please let me know how.


Luca March 15, 2005 04:06

Re: Mesh hard points on faces
So you can split the surface into smaller surfaces. Luca

Ashton Peters March 15, 2005 16:43

Re: Mesh hard points on faces
Ok, I think I know what you are meaning now.

However, this raises another problem. If I split the surface into smaller surfaces, sure, I can get a node at a specified internal vertex. The problem is then I also have additional edges within the area that the mesh will line up with. I don't want the mesh to align itself with internal edges within an area, rather I just want to specify a single point within the area.

I am beginning to think this can't be done with Gambit...


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