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Z March 21, 2005 07:59

A good question about UDS
Hi, I want to know if you implement something in Fluent like a new eqution using UDS. 1)How are you checking whether you implemented something is correct or not obviously to check the results for the simple cases. But I do not want to do this. is there any other method for it. 2)Lets say if I implement same equation using UDS. Let us say use k-epsilon turbulnce model now you want to implement a new model of your own. What I would do first is to implement k-epsilon model using UDS and run some simulations by switching off the k-epsilon equation in Fluent but switching on the UDS equations and it will be a good test to check whether UDS gives you good results or not.

Any suggestions or did somebody did something like this

ap March 31, 2005 15:14

Re: A good question about UDS
1) You check the code and try to use it on simple known cases. No other solutions.

2) If you want to implement an alternative k-eps model, you have two choices:

a) Add the lacking terms to the existing model in FLUENT as source terms, if possible.

b) Re-write the model completely using UDS. In this case, you have to set the case up, as if you'd use the k-eps model of FLUENT, then disable the turbulence equations of FLUENT in the Control-> Solution panel.

Pay attention to a thing: you have to implement both the k and epsilon equation, but you also have to redefine the turbulent viscosity using the proper DEFINE macro and hooking this to FLUENT in the Model->Viscous panel.

Best regards, ap

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