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David March 21, 2005 21:23

UDF and text commands
Hi CFD community,

I have written a UDF for an unsteady (parabolic profile) inlet velocity. I am having problems assigning the UDF at the velocity inlet when using text commands although the UDF has been interpreted successfully (no problems encountered when using GUI).

Below I have copied part of the transcript file. Look closely to the definition of the velocity inlet condition. More precisely:

profile name [""] "square_wave"

data name [""] "square_wave"

where square_wave is the name of my UDF.

1) Am I doing something wrong? (See Transcript File below).

2) Are boundary profile files an option? Can they be used to specify time and position dependent profiles (such as a parabolic profile with time-varying bulk velocity)?

/*Partial Transcript File*/

> /define/user-defined/interpreted-functions UDF Source File Name [""] "c:libudfsquare_wave0.c"

CPP Command Name ["cpp"] "cpp"

virtual machine stack size [10000] 10000

display assembly code listing? [no] no

cpp -IC:\FLUENT.INC\fluent6.1.22/src -IC:\FLUENT.INC\fluent6.1.22/cortex/src -IC:\FLUENT.INC\fluent6.1.22/client/src -IC:\FLUENT.INC\fluent6.1.22/multiport/src -I. -DUDFCONFIG_H="" c:\libudf\square_wave0.c

/define/boundary-conditions/velocity-inlet (velocity_inlet.11)

zone id/name [velocity_inlet.11] 3

Velocity Specification Method: Magnitude and Direction [no] no

Velocity Specification Method: Components [no] yes

Reference Frame: Absolute [yes] yes

Use Profile for X-Velocity? [no] yes

profile name [""] "square_wave"

data name [""] "square_wave"

The UDF that I would like to use is as follows. But again I do not think the problem lies there has Fluent interprets it successfully:

#include "udf.h" DEFINE_PROFILE (square_wave,thread,position)

{ #define PI 3.14159 real x[ND_ND]; face_t f; real z,y,test; z=CURRENT_TIME;

if (z<0.30) test =0; else if (z<0.70) test=2*sin(2.5*PI*z-2.3562); else if (z<1.3) test=0;



begin_f_loop(f, thread)

{ F_CENTROID(x,f,thread); y = x[1]; F_PROFILE(f,thread,position) = test - y*y/(.0065*.0065)*test; } end_f_loop(f, thread) }

Thanking your in advance for you time


david March 24, 2005 13:19

Re: UDF and text commands
Hi, I figured it out so no need to reply. To solve my problem I typed the following when prompted:

profile name [""] "udf"

data name [""] "square_wave"


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