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Jan Rusås March 23, 2005 19:05

missing mass from dpm model
Dear Fluent user I am calculating a 3d problem with oil combustion. I have very big problems with obtaining the specififed mass flow. I use a pressure swirl injector but I do only get at maximum 10% of the mass specified, when I calculate the sum of the volume mass source from the DPM. If I do not included droplet collision and breakup I do not have any problems, but when I initiate coll. and breakup then does the mass vanish. I have tried to do the calculation on a simplified 2d model of my problem and I could get an solution in this case.

I have tried several things, number of particles per cell, injected number of particles, increasing the temperature, adjusting number of flow iterations, under relaxation etc.

Please share how you have solved this problem :) Thanks in advance Jan

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