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Sireesha Pasari March 25, 2005 12:40

Natural Convection over a vertical wall
hello all,

I am relatively new to using fluent, Kindly forgive me if i am wrong anywhere. I am trying to perform natural convection over a vertical thin wall (wall thickness = 0), and calculate heat flux along the wall surface, temperature variation and velociy distribution.

modelled as a box : left, top, right, bottom

this is how my boundary conditions are:

(units same as in fluent)

wall definied to the left wall properties: heat transfer coeffecient: 6.8085 calculated from nussles number and thermal conducivity and wall length, Free sream temperature:290K wall temperature = 310K

inlet at the bottom (pressure inlet): inlet temperaure = 290K

outlet at the top (pressure outlet) : backflow emperature 290K

symmetry defined to the right

wall lenghth: 0.04 m

operating conditions : gravity = -9.81

maerial properties (air)

density (bossique eq): 1.177 Cp = 1005 thermal conductivity (K) = 0.0267 viscosity = 1.845E-5 prandtl number = 0.69 -> calculated from alpha = 0.2216e-6 m^2/s, and viscosity = 16.84E-6 at 300K

I am aable to obain the curves for temperature and velocity, and theoritically they appear to be correct, but i am not able to obtain the heat flux (fluent gives me 0) i did not make any changes to reference values under report in fluent.

PLease help me, as I feel I am lost in this.

Thank you all in Advance

Sireesha Pasari

dpshaka March 27, 2005 03:43

Re: Natural Convection over a vertical wall
you have not give a boundary condition on the wall .

my object is "numerical simulation of the natural convection of cylinder arrays in large and finite space ".

my prilimary simulation is the numerical simulation of the natural convection over a vertical flat withe isoflux and isomal boundary condition.

fluent give me excellent resulte when compared withe the benchmark solution.

i think the problem is your boundary condition of the wall.

i can not understand why you have give the value of h first.

Navid450 July 15, 2012 16:31

I am a novice in the field of CFD. Anyway, my objective is " Numerical analysis of laminar natural convection over a vertical plate" . Can you help me in this respect?

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