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Joshua March 25, 2005 17:41

Gambit.exe didn't work!
Hello, I used to work with Gambit 2.0 for 2-d FEM mesh generation. However, this afternoon when I want to use Gambit 2.0 by clicking gambit.exe, it keeps saying that 'default_id is opened'. Couldn't run Gambit 2.0 at all. Does anybody have experienced like this before? Would anybody can let me know what should I have to correct? Anyway my Exceed is a little old - it is Exceed 6.0 (whenever I click Gambit.exe, it asks Exceed 7.0 or higher is recommanded.), but after a few seconds it used to work...

Thanks!! Have a great day!


Soheyl March 25, 2005 20:16

Re: Gambit.exe didn't work!
Look in your gambit directory, e.g.: FLUENT.INC/ntbin/ntx86/

If there are files named default_id.*, delete them.

If it didn't help, go to the command line, change directory to FLUENT.INC/ntbin/ntx86/ and enter:

gambit something

in which something is an optional id. I hope it would help you.


zxaar March 25, 2005 20:17

Re: Gambit.exe didn't work!
just remove the .lok file from ur working dir

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