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Jay March 28, 2005 04:00

HELP: mass transfer equation.

This is my last hope. I want to know the mass transfer equation at the interphase between gas and fluid. At the interphase, there is mass transfer by diffusion from fluid to gas. Is there proper equation to put into Fluent. My model is VOF, 2 Phase and Unsteady. I am looking forward to getting hope.

thank for.

Akash March 28, 2005 09:48

Re: HELP: mass transfer equation.

You will have to specify the mass transfer source using a UDF. The Fluent user services website has an example which deals with boiling. There they define the mass transfer between the phases using a UDF. You can check that out for a reference.


Jay March 28, 2005 22:37

Re: HELP: mass transfer equation.

Yep. I know there is an example about boiling. But my case is about the evaporaion caused by diffusion at the interface. I want to know how to define and put the proper equation for my case.


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