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hongchun March 29, 2005 15:01

moving and slip wall boundary
Dear all:

I got a problem and need your help. I want to model a water drop oscillation on a solid wall, which vibrates asymmetrically. The drop might move on the surface. Therefore, the boundary condition for the wall is moving wall and aslo a slip wall. I read the manual of FLUENT, it says that I can not define a slip moving wall. Is that true? What should I do?

Thanks a lot


debs March 29, 2005 19:18

Re: moving and slip wall boundary
You can add a partial slip boundary condition through an udf . I'm not sure of how to write a udf. But i can help you to incorporate a partial slip BC.

hongchun March 29, 2005 20:54

Re: moving and slip wall boundary
Dear Debs:

Actually in my case, the wall moves with a sinwave U, so for the slip boundary condition u = U + A*du/dy(y=0), A, the slip coefficient. You mean I can write a UDF for this equation?

I don't know how to write UDF and need to read the manual.

Thanks a lot

debs March 29, 2005 21:34

Re: moving and slip wall boundary
Check the manual and also when setting boundary conditions in the solver you can remove the no slip setting and include the udf

Prakash.Paudel July 9, 2010 11:29

Hey debs, can u please tell me how exactly would u impose partial slip BC??? i appreciate ur help

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