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David March 30, 2005 12:14

Static temperature
I am using C_T(c,t) for a few months thinking that it was the static temperature. I saw with a UDF that C_T(c,t) was the total temperature. Is it possible to calculate this static temperature? How can Fluent do that? There is a macro which can represent the real temperature?

Salutation, David

rom March 31, 2005 04:25

Re: Static temperature
for incompressible flows (M<0.3) total temperature is equal to static temperature. for compressible flows static temperatur is computed from T0/Ts = 1+(gamma-1)/2*M^2 with T0=total temp.,Ts=static temp. and gamma=cp/cv.

hope it helps, rom

David April 1, 2005 10:57

Re: Static temperature
Thanks for your reply Rom. I did not explane properly my problem. I set a convection problem as boundary condition on a wall. So the difference of temperature make some change of temperature in the reservoir. This difference can be seen if we plot the static temperature contour. This difference of temperature can't be seen if we plot the total temperature contour (they plot the initial condition for instance).

When we use UDF, C_T(c,t) returns the total temperature. I have a source term who depends of the static temperature in my reservoir. So I have a problem, I want that Fluent uses my source term with the static temperature (which is supposed to be the real temperature measure with a thermometer) instead of the total temperature.

I use UDM for be sure that the temperature of C_T(c,t) is the total temperature.

Salutation, David

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