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Andrew April 8, 2005 17:37

Airfoil Sinusoidal Motion - How?
I have been asked to model an airfoil that will move in the pitching direction under a sinusoidal motion, so that I can obtain the unsteady pitching moment coefficients.

We currently have Fluent 6.1 on campus, and after investigating, I think the only possibility is to use the dynamic mesh? (correct me if I am wrong please)

I have re-read the user guide about 10 times on UDF scripts and I am stumped at how to write one for this example. Could someone please help me with this, as my programming abilities are next to zero, pointing me to an example would be great.

Thank you for anyone who can help,

Andrew Clark

P.S. We are going to upgrade to Fluent 6.2 in the next couple of weeks, so if things are different could you please let me know that also.

Sham April 8, 2005 19:42

Re: Airfoil Sinusoidal Motion - How?
Try to look at tutorial 4(i think) in the user guide. If it is one equation, the UDF code is very easy and you just have to copy all the commands in the tute. Tell me if you still having difficulty with this and I can send you my UDF code and you can reference it.


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