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imet April 11, 2005 03:57

heavy fuel oil combustion

I'm currently doing research on flow and combustion characteristics in a furnace using oil as the fuel. I'm using the non premixed combustion as the combustion model and the fuel chemical properties are: C - 84.7%, H2 - 14.7%, H2O - 0.5%, ASH - 0.1%

My problems are: 1. Let say my dispersed-phase volume fractions exceed 10%, can I use DPM as my Multiphase model? If I cannot use DPM, what other model should I use for the liquid combustion? 2. If let say I can use DPM, in the 'set injection properties' panel, what should i specify for the 'material' and 'evaporating species' (since there is no 'heavy fuel oil' to be selected)?


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