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Tudor April 11, 2005 12:02

Importing a *.dxf file in Gambit
Hello, I'm a student at Ecole des Mines de Douai - France. I have a problem with a ProEngineer file wich has the extension *.dxf and wich I want to import in Gambit 2.0. Unfortunately I don't have ProEngineer installed on my computer. So, I want to ask you if it's possible to open a *.dxf file with Gambit without using ProEngineer and, if it is, what should I do?

Jason April 11, 2005 13:13

Re: Importing a *.dxf file in Gambit
It is not possible. There may be an add-on that could open .dxf files that Fluent would be willing to sell you, but I don't think so. The best thing to do is to go back to ProE and export it as an iges or step format (I have the best luck exporting iges for 2D and step for 3D using ProE).

It doesn't sound like that's possible for you, so another option would be to use another CAD package. Most CAD packages can open .dxf files, and then you can export it as an iges or step file (depending on the options available in your CAD package). One option might be Rhinoceros (I know it can export in the proper formats, and I'm about 90% sure it can read .dxf files). They've got free trials of their software, so you might be able to do what you need using that. You can also google "dxf to iges translator" and see what other options are available. The downfall is that whenever you translate something from one format to another you risk losing information. That's why I say the best way is to go back to the source and save it in a different format.

Hope this helps, and good luck, Jason

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