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Roland April 13, 2005 05:32

Particle Tracking...display on a surface
Hi everyone, I did a Particle Tracking with the DPM and I have a injection file with 1000 particles on each of the 2 inputs. Now I calculatet the particles and I want to display them on different surfaces. My geometry is a cylinder with a height of 25mm. I want to have the particles shown on z=2, z=5, etc. How can I do this? Thank you, Roland.

PS: I have tried to write to a File and extract them, but the files are 500MB or this doesn't work.

us April 14, 2005 22:04

Re: Particle Tracking...display on a surface
Is the distance 'z' is along the height? Whatever, you can have particles on a plane surface(an iso-surface created by you) with DPM Concentration (concentration of particles) contours.

Hope this helps


Roland April 15, 2005 08:31

Re: Particle Tracking...display on a surface
yes, z is the height.i have also tried this...but if i display the partickle tracks you can't choose a just plots the whole geometry. i only can choose the injections and thats it...the thing which i want to have is a circle with points (red and blue points) for the 2 different injections.

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