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kiran April 14, 2005 23:06

regarding reacting flow with coupled solver
Hi all

i am solving reacting flow of H2-Air one step mechanism with coupled solver.while solving it is not taking the reaction and not producing H2O. In control panel flow, turbulence parameters and solid have the URFs,but there is no fluid zone. inlets are mass flow inlets and exit is pressure outlet. If anybody knows pls clarify the doubts. i am very thankful to u.



rom April 15, 2005 01:46

Re: regarding reacting flow with coupled solver
what reaction machanism do you use? finite rate, eddy dissipation, edc? for eddy dissipation fluent needs some product species to get the reaction started. try to patch some hot steam into your reaction zone.


eshwar April 15, 2005 04:57

Re: regarding reacting flow with coupled solver
Hi rom

thank u for ur response. i am using finiterate/eddy dissipation for reaction mechanism.i given mass fractions at inlets for H2 is 1 and O2 is 1 in the respective boundary conditions.i am not given anything to H2O at inlets. i patched some heat source around 1900K. but coupled solver is not taking reaction and during iterations mass fraction of H2O is 0. my domain model is thrust cahmber which consists of a striaght cylindrical portion followed with converging diverging nozzle. pls give suggestions regarding convergence of solution.

thank u once again regards kiran

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