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ken April 15, 2005 15:25

Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Linux
hi, i'm new to linux so this question can sound a little silly.

Following the instructions provided by fluent inc, i type ./fluent_install when i'm in the cdrom directory.

The returned msg was: bash: ./fluent_install: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

What should i do?

pUl| April 15, 2005 15:31

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
A quick search on google revealed this:

"That error typically comes when trying to execute on non Linux filesystems. Don't waste time and try executing on FAT partitions for example. Always use *NIX filesystems like ext2/3, reiserfs, xfs."

But guess what, Try:

sh ./fluent_install

[root@HOSTNAME pwd]#sh ./fluent_install

pUl| April 15, 2005 15:36

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
And ensure that you're 'root' user before running the script if you want to install fluent in the default /usr/local/Fluent.Inc directory.

ken April 15, 2005 15:47

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
Even though i am the only user, and presumably the root user, i still got the "you do not have write permission" msg. What's next?

pUl| April 15, 2005 17:05

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
Usually the only user is never the root user. But if you are the first thing to do is to create a normal user and use it from now on. Which partition are you trying to install it to and who mounted that partition?

Can you exactly cut and paste the error message?

ken April 15, 2005 18:15

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
hmm.. it should be the linux partition. Mount? Isn't it automatically mounted? Here's the msg from terminal:

This installation will create a directory called Fluent.Inc/ which will contain all the files needed for this software.

Installation directory for Fluent.Inc/: /usr/local Error: You do not have write permission in /usr/local.

pUl| April 15, 2005 18:56

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
There you go. You're not allowed to write to /usr/local. Get hold of the Administrator (root) and ask him to do the installation.

pUl| April 15, 2005 18:58

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
Did not mean to sound like a Male Chauvinist :P So get hold of him/her and then install.

ken April 15, 2005 20:36

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
what the ... how do I get the Admin!? I am the Admin. I just installed linux and I'm the only user in this entire basement where I'm working. And nobody uses linux except me! its drivin me nuts...

pUl| April 15, 2005 20:38

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
Goodie, then you do know the root password. Issue an 'su' command at a terminal, it should ask you to enter the root password. Once you're in your prompt usually turns from a '$' to '#'. Now, you can issue sh ./fluent_install and carry on. If you still face problems, do let me know.

ken April 15, 2005 21:55

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
yep. it works! But thats not the end of the install process.... I need to add path/ in the C shell. Is this "C" shell the terminal program (Shell-Konsole)?

How can I add this to the $home/.cshrc?

*I have not the slightest idea what those unix terms mean*

Harish April 15, 2005 22:32

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
i do not know what text editor you use in *nix. The sequence is as follows . Do it from ur account rather than root account

$ emacs .cshrc

the file will open in the end of the file add these two lines

PATH=$PATH:/ export PATH

Make sure to type the exact path name. Once done close and restart ur shell.


ken April 15, 2005 22:52

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
yep. I followed your instructions. Thanks. How do I check its working?

The license file is installed in another computer. Do I need to install flexlm? I did that anyway...

And then I did this: setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE something@somthing

but the setenv command is not found. Any suggestions?

pUl| April 16, 2005 10:22

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
No offense, but hey relax a bit will ya. This isn't your Windows world. Take it slowly. Instructions on how to install fluent are provided in the User-Sevices center. You might want to go through them slowly and note down any steps that you do not think you are comfortable with. Then raise those issues here before installing. This is the biggest mistake with most n00bs. They think everything is best done by point and click and bingo before you know it you've done something irreversible. So go through those instructions and check. I see you mentioned that the license file/server already exists on another server. If you exactly describe how things are setup in your netowork, then perhaps you need not even install fluent on your machine (assuming that a copy is installed elsewhere on the network). All you might need to do is export an NFS filesystem from the other machine and mount it locally for use. This way, you can use the license off the other machine and run it locally on your processor. If you want us to help you out, please take it slowly.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,


samir April 16, 2005 11:14

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
One more thing;

When u're done with installing fluent, make sure you remind your admin to get you give u SUDO power so u dont have to call him everytime. (Linux is certainly not user friendly, but its got its own advantages). And I hope your not using a 64 bit processor coz most softwares have a different version for such 64 bit. I did go throught it and at the end I think I will stick to Linux. Have a good time.

ken April 16, 2005 13:36

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
no problem. Its my first foray into linux and I must say the instructions don't cater to first time users. I do not understand what those steps means and just blindly typed in the commands. Not a good way to learn things, yes, but I need to get Fluent up to meet some project deadlines...and linux can come later. Thanks to everyone who responded for your patience.

In our network, only the license is stored in the server, all other copies of Fluent are installed locally and can't be accesed. (Previouly I was using Fluent off a server on another network via X windows)

pUl| April 16, 2005 18:11

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
Well, depending on how good your rapport is with the server admin, if you can get him to export just that directory (/usr/local/Fluent.Inc/) using NFS (expanded: Network File System), you can then mount it locally on your machine and start using Fluent (using YOUR CPU resources, NOT the servers'). When you use an X emulator such as Hummingbird Exceed for XWin32 or CygWin etc. etc. then you are actually running Fluent off the host machine using its resources.

Please note that you cannot simply INSTALL fluent or gambit onto a local machine without having a license for that machine. Although license files are independant of OS IIRC, every license file is specific to a particular Network Hostname and the physical hardware address of your ethernet card. Without a license file tuned to your system there is no way you are installing it locally and getting it to run (unless of course you are working with an cracked copy)

Hope this helps :)

ap April 17, 2005 08:04

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
Just two consideration. If you're the only user of FLUENT on that machine, you don't need to be root at all to install it.

FLUENT runs perfectly if you install it, for example, in a subdirectory of your home, like


If you follow these steps, you have to change the .bashcrc file in your home directory. It's an hidden file, so you have to show them first.

If you use KDE, just choose the proper function from the View menu of konqueror. If you use GNOME, choose View->Preferences and check the option which allows you to see hidden files.

Open your .bashrc file and add the path to your FLUENT installation, as said in the file /Fluent.Inc/bin/Read.Me

The licence problem stay the same.

Best regards,

ap :)

pUl| April 17, 2005 18:02

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
ap has a point, however I would not recommend this method. Primarily because, it is very easy to mess up with Fluent's files as they now have write perimissions open on them by the user. Especially for a person new to Linux, this can prove to become a problem later on. It is best recommended that Fluent be installed to a directory owned and grouped by root.

ap April 18, 2005 16:43

Re: Help: Installing Fluent/Gambit in Mandrake Lin
It's exactly the same situation the user has under Windows. If you don't touch the Fluent.Inc directory, there's no problem. However you can always set permissions to this directory to be readonly with the command:

chmod -R 555 /home/user_name/Fluent.Inc

but I don't see the problem if you're the only user of FLUENT.

Best regards, ap :)

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