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Rucy Hong April 18, 2005 10:22

creating mesh using Gambit
Dear all,

Could you tell me how to define different blocks using Gabmit?

While using Gambit, we can create different 3D objects. If we combine those objects together, we can not name those original objects as fluid1, fluid2 or solid?

One solution might be: to create 3D objects and generate meshes for those objects, and combine them together using TGrid? Is there any better solution?

Thank you very much in advance.


Jason April 19, 2005 06:38

Re: creating mesh using Gambit
When you say "combine those objects together" I'm guessing you mean you unite them which turns them into a single volume. If instead of uniting the volumes, you connect the faces where the two volumes touch, then they remain as separate volumes (and they share the face you connected so that the mesh is continuous through the domain) and you can define them as different continuums where you define the rest of your boundary conditions in Gambit.

Hope this helps, and goodluck, Jason

Rucy Hong April 19, 2005 09:55

Re: creating mesh using Gambit
Dear Jason,

Thank you very much.


jdb April 26, 2005 23:27

Re: creating mesh using Gambit
I'm new to both CFD and Gambit/Fluent, so forgive me if I ask an obvious question. I'm modeling a drop of liquid that undergoes mass diffusion while situated within a large volume of (a different) liquid. At first the surrounding volume of liquid is stationary (or 1e-10 velocity), but then later it will flow in the x-direction as the drop of liquid maintains its original position.

Will Jason's suggestion of keeping separate volumes with faces connected work for my scenario?

I originally made the drop a wall, but I don't think that allows diffusion into the surrounding continuum. Also had difficulty defining the interior of the drop as "internal, fluid" since the face of the drop was already associated (subtracted from) the surrounding volume...

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