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edi ghirardi April 18, 2005 11:56

How to convert met-based animations?
By the way, how can I convert a metafile-based animation? Is it possible to convert it only in a MPEG file or hardcopy frames with Fluent (I fear it is so...but the quality of a .MPEG is really too poor...)? Any suggestion about applications which can handle the hardcopy files and join them into a .avi file (apart from Windows Movie Maker, the min delay allowed between frames is about 0.1s, too long I think)? Has anyone ever worked with ImageMagick in order to create a .gif animation file?



steph April 19, 2005 02:30

Re: How to convert met-based animations?

You can join the hardcopy files (*.jpg) into a .gif animation file with Paint Shop Pro / Jasc Software (it's very easy)


edi ghirardi April 26, 2005 13:40

Re: How to convert met-based animations?
Presently, I join my frames into a .gif animation using ImageMagick (It's freeware, you know...) and though it is well done and with many graphic options, it's not so easy to use (command line interface...), and I'm having some problems to deal with large animations. Does anyone know about a non-linear video editor that can manage with short delays (20/100 second or less) in order to create .avi files? OpenVIP?



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