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Friederike April 19, 2005 07:20

Gambit bug??? Face vertex types
I am getting desperate trying to generate some simple structured face meshes with Gambit (the faces only have 5 to 7 edges). There are some boundary layers involved which are not attached to the same edges than the main grid. I have therefore defined the face vertex types twice, for the main grid and additionally using the "for boundary layer only" option. Even though the number of nodes at the edges is exactly as required for the structure, Gambit gives error messages that the number of intervals doesn't allow for the map/submap scheme. For some blocks I managed to get the grid structure right (after incountable tries), for others it seems impossible. Some Fluent guys couldn't get the grid structure right either, but they don't admit that there might be a bug in the code. Anyone else experiences like me? - Or maybe even a solution?! Thanks, Friederike

Liu daming April 19, 2005 07:40

Re: Gambit bug??? Face vertex types
friend,I'm interest in this.can you deliver your project to my e_mail:

Friederike April 19, 2005 08:26

Re: Gambit bug??? Face vertex types
A file with explanations is on its way.

zxaar April 19, 2005 08:50

Re: Gambit bug??? Face vertex types
yes gmabit has this bug, i also obeserved this, but i think if u carefully remove the previous mesh from all the edge it usually fixes thsi and do nto give thsi warning

Friederike April 19, 2005 09:30

Re: Gambit bug??? Face vertex types
You are right, in some cases if you mesh automatically, Gambit uses the face vertex definitions appropriately. Unfortunately my faces are connected and therefore some edges are pre-meshed. I then basically try systematically to find the combination of how many and which edges have to be pre-meshed and which face vertex type has to be "wrong-defined" and which ones have to be defined as suggested in the user manual. For some faces it seems impossible to get the grid structure right.

zxaar April 19, 2005 19:06

Re: Gambit bug??? Face vertex types
i observed this when i was supposed to make prism mesh including a complicated volume. so i was supposed to use cooper tool. now the thing is i had to apply different edge distribution and then mesh the volume. i observed that for the first time it meshed easily with out any warning. but if i do not like the distribution, the obvious thing is to delete the mesh and remesh the volume. but then it gives the warning u said.

so what i did, i instead of deleting mesh , i 'undo' the things and started from new distribution. try this kind of approach, in this u might have to save ur dbs lot of time but it shall work

and yes remeber when u save dbs, u should exit and start gambit again , saving in gambit otherwise only do not allow u to undo, and does not save it really, u can do little experiments to see what i am saying

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