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sulfi April 26, 2005 04:38

sliding mesh
hi all,

i am simulating a moving ship using sliding mesh with VOF. i am subtracting ship from my domain and after meshing the ship and domain seperate, i merged both the mesh using tmerge. But the problem is when i am exporting the above mesh to fluent, Grid check fails and it says non positive volume exists. can any one help me. can you suggest any other strategy and the way of setting up the above probelm


CFDtoy April 26, 2005 15:30

Re: sliding mesh
You can use dynamic meshing. Its easy.


zxaar April 27, 2005 03:20

Re: sliding mesh
for using sliding mesh, when we name innerzone (which is goign to move) as something and then when we read the mesh, fluent usually fails grid check after defining the interface,

i have reported this to fluent support but i haven't got any satisfactory answer.

for my calculations though i have found out a way to go around it, the thing is , what i do is i complete the mesh assuming that the faces on sliding interface are connected, that is they have same mesh distribution, finally after this when i define the interfaces on them and use it fluent never fails th egrid check.

hope it works

sulfi April 27, 2005 06:55

Re: sliding mesh

i am getting one more error, "unassigned interface zones" , when i am changing the interface from wall tointerface BC

whats the probelem

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