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baskar April 26, 2005 23:48

gambit installation
sir i installed gambit in my system. when i entered gambit, the gambit window opens and vanishes immediatly showing some error message. actually i couldnt read the error message. what will be the cause. anybody can help me thanks in advance with reg baskar

Harish April 27, 2005 00:27

Re: gambit installation
run cmd and in cmd type gambit You might need to set environment probably.

- h

Mehdi Ghoddosy April 27, 2005 07:49

Re: gambit installation
Dear Baskar: Try this on command prompt (run in start menu): c:\\ntbin\ntx86\gambit.exe [filename] sample c:\\ntbin\ntx86\gambit.exe newfile

Gary April 27, 2005 14:44

Re: gambit installation
the same thing happened to me. for the first few times as soon as the error message came up i tried restarting gambit. however, my machine takes about a full minute for gambit to open up so maybe try closing the error window and then just leaving the computer alone for 2-3 minutes. it worked for me.

Chris April 29, 2005 17:14

Re: gambit installation
The way to open gambit, at least on a windows based machine anyway, is to click on the gambit.exe file in c:\\ntbin\ntx86\ folder as suggested.

As far as I know it is because Gambit is run from a dos prompt hence the need for Exceed.

This is the way I use Gambit. In fact if you create a shortcut to this file on your desktop or in the start menu this will also work.

Good luck Chris

zxaar April 29, 2005 19:25

Re: gambit installation
remove the .lok file (probably the defaul.lok) from the folder where gambit starts

Rajesh G April 30, 2005 21:00

Re: gambit installation
you can search for default_id.lok

Remove that from your system. Then tyr openig Gambit

Rajesh G April 30, 2005 21:02

Re: gambit installation
You can search for the default_id.lok. Then remove that file from ur system. .. and try opening gambit

pUl| May 1, 2005 14:48

Re: gambit installation
Wierd! If Fluent really wishes to support Windows, it should put in extra effort to code gambit in VC++ and avoid all this X-Server emulation stuff or else simply accept that *nix systems are way better and support them properly. Learning to work with *nix systems is NOT a nightmare. The X window System these days when used with a nice DE such as GNOME can make life a lot more comfortable.

Lazy, that's what they are :X

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