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Ken April 28, 2005 12:23

Creating Boundary layer
I am in the process of analyzing an airfoil from M 0.5 to M 0.9 using SA model. Accordingly, I need y+ of the order of 1. I try to get y+ to be within 1-5 so that it is still within the viscous sublayer zone but in Gambit, the created mesh in that y+ zone always has a few mesh that has equivalent skew of more than 0.8. The minimum y+ I can get to without the skew problem is y+ of around 11 (range from 11 - 15), depending on the angle of attack of the airfoil (this is done by rotating all the airfoil coordinates against the origin with a prespecified AOA change).

Have you guys encounterd such a problem? When there is skew mesh in my model, the model check in gambit always show "failed". Does this really impact my solution?

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