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zeynep April 29, 2005 08:09

face meshes
I have a question. To have a continuous mesh on the two faces, the faces should come together (for a connection)

1) the easiest way to do for a 3D model? 2) if these two faces are real and non real, how may I connect the meshes?


Mehdi Ghoddosy April 30, 2005 08:33

Re: face meshes
Dear Zeynep: You can create your model in separate files in gambit. then merge these files using "tmerge" utility. Next you have to set grid interfaces in fluent for computing non-conformal mesh interfaces to hold on continuty equation, If u think these procedure solves your problem contact me for more information. Regards

zeynep May 2, 2005 01:05

Re: face meshes
Dear Mehdi, thanks for your reply. Actually my problem is on the model. Some of the model has real, some has non real faces. I have to do surface mesh. after I complete the mesh, I have to put it into a wind tunnel and mesh the wind tunnel (volume mesh) and then connect the face meshed model with the volume meshed wind tunnel to hold on continuity. how is the easisest and quickest way to do this kind of an application using Gambit?

Mehdi Ghoddosy May 2, 2005 01:42

Re: face meshes
Dear Zeynep:

If you persist to connect face and volume meshes using conformal meshes in gambit, it would be too difficult and time consuming(depending on your model). In this way using two sided faces can help you. But i recommend you to use non-conformal mesh. In non-conformal meshing procedure you are not forced to connect volume and face meshes. Just define an face between mesh and volume and then in fluent define this as grid interface. Best regards

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