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us April 29, 2005 10:47

Multiphase - Speed of calculation
Hi all,

Question about improving the speed of solution.

I am using, Multiphase-Eulerian-Granular flow model.

Flow: Gas-solid two phase flow - 2 dimensional.

Solver: Segregated unsteady.

Grid: Quadrilateral 12000 cells.

Machine: Sun Blade 2000 ( dual CPU, 960 Mhz, 4 + 4 GB vertual and physical memory)(No personal storage, works on network's central harddisk storage).

Discritization schemes: Using Second order upwind for all the equations.

Equations solved: Fluid flow eqns, volume fraction, Granular temperature.

Viscous model: k-eps turbulence per phase with non-equilibrium wall fuction.

Computational time: It takes around 24 hours to simulate 1 sec.(time step size: 0.0005 s).

Can anyone suggest how the computational speed could be improved? May be by changing some parameters in Multigrid options or anything(If so pl. give some tips)?

Your help is highly apreciated. Otherwise it takes long frustrating time to solve such problems.

Thank you very much for your time.

Regards, -US

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