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nam su May 2, 2005 10:19

pressure oulet condition
Hi. My problem has one inlet and two outletes(vortex tube). The inlet condition is total pressure that is 0.544Mpa(absolute) One oulet conditon is pressure boundary condition that is 0.136Mpa(absolute) The other is pressure boundary condition with pressure varing so as to vary the mass fraction

the flow is compressible what condition is used for inlet and two oulet condition? thank you

Ashish Jain May 4, 2005 11:29

Re: pressure oulet condition
Hi, What do u mean by varying? Is it varying with time or spatial variation. For both the cases u'll need to write UDF to specify boundary condition for second outlet.

Regards Ashish

niravtm007 January 24, 2012 05:48

UDF for pressure variation
Hii friends
My problem is flow through river channel, I have taken a orbitary region so at exit of my geometry flow exits into river itself. so i need to know how to apply UDf at exit, as pressure must vary with P=row*g*h. my exit cross section is not uniform so what should i do please help. is it possible to apply custom field function ???? in fluent please help ASAP :)

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