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tucker May 2, 2005 17:06

boundary condition question
Hey guys,

I'm trying to model turbulence in a cube of air that has a jet blowing into one side of it (the jet is in the center of the cube face; the rest of this face is modeled as a wall). The other five sides of the cube are just the freestream. The flow is incompressible.

What I need is the right boundary condition such that flow velocity is zero and density is constant (i.e. "at rest" boundary condition) at the four sides which are perpendicular to the inlet face.

I am trying to compare these results with separate test results, so I cannot modify the location of the boundaries. I tried modeling the face opposite of the inlet as an outflow BC and the 4 perpendicular sides as velocity inlets with zero velocity (in the hopes that it would force the velocity at the boundaries to be zero), but that did not work. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks. Tucker

tucker May 4, 2005 12:42

Re: boundary condition question
so I guess no one has any thoughts on this?

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