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anisa May 5, 2005 07:29

Karman vortex street ???
Hello everyone, I am calculating a flow above cylinder(diameter=2m) by laminar stream at Re=140. The inlet boundary is 8 diameters from cylinder, the outlet boundary is 20 diameters from cylinder. On inlet boundary I put a perturbation on speed Ux=U0+E*f(y) (where U0-the velocity at infinity, E~0.01*U0, f(y)=sin(2*PI*w*y/H), w~20,30, H-distance from bottom to up boundary of field). But I can get a Karman Vortex street, although an unsymmetric structures is arised. What I must to do to get a Karman vortex street? Thanks a lot for attention.

pUl| May 5, 2005 13:04

Re: Karman vortex street ???
You might want to refer to Fluents' latest Newsletter (Spring 2005). They have an article on how the new LES model gives enhanced results (comparable to DNS) for flow past a cylinder.

PS: Needless to say their match with experiments is always perfect. It's like every simulation they do, they get it right ;)

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