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Allan Cross May 10, 2005 09:40

Vortex shedding case studies
Hi all, I'm a Bach. Eng. student doing a thesis on the vortex shedding cylinder near a plane boundary.

Its a well know fact that the classic vortex shedding cylinder problem is a benchmark for testing ALL CFD packages, however I find it pretty thin on the ground any such abundance of these studies.

Could someone point me in a general direction or two to some? It would be appreciated. Some in the Sub-critical flow regime would be GREAT! (eg Re=10e3~4)

later Allan

Sham May 10, 2005 18:03

Re: Vortex shedding case studies
I don't actually know what you are asking but I'd suggest you use ske model and introduce some perturbation uisng the patch icon. You might get a very narrow wake only. Use unsteady solver instead.


Allan Cross May 10, 2005 18:50

Re: Vortex shedding case studies
Clarification on ske: that is the standard k epsilon turbulence model correct? If it is that would give me backup on my argument to present to my thesis supervisor who still thinks laminar viscosity is appropriate (he was a pioneer of CFD writing his own code).

Perturbation: I've had probs with this, had a case not vortex shed for a night simulating, I was blaming it on the grid too fine, using 2ddp=little error. Thanks I'll just need to find this patch icon, haven't come across it before.



Sham May 11, 2005 04:15

Re: Vortex shedding case studies
I am not sure about laminar model. I do not think it will work for a turbulent case. My supervisor developed his own CFD as well and he is using LES model. Anyway, give it a try. I have come across some references saying that they used ske model and some SA model. But, beware FLUENT has some limitation especially in the drag crisis regime. It has to accommodate to all commercial use.

Hope this will help.


Chetan Kadakia May 25, 2005 11:57

Re: Vortex shedding case studies
Is this a 2d case or a 3d case? Is your thesis just on a cylinder? What makes it novel or useful? Cylinder experiments and simulations are nothing new.

ayyappan May 30, 2005 14:06

Re: Vortex shedding case studies
don't u know the usage of bluff especially circular cyilinder,???? y r v launching rockets unnecessarily , already we have wasted many satellites which are merely rotating earth????? i think u got it,

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